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Dive into the smart cities ! Learn about the ongoing implementation of smart solutions in the three demonstration districts in Glasgow, Rotterdam and Umeå. Every four months, the site managers will share their news, questions and challenges in the eNews.

Umeå eNews - June 2019

Parking is more than just parking

The early summer is the absolute highlight of the year, to me anyway, up here in northern Sweden. The fact that Umeå is the city of the birch tree is hard to miss - wherever you look, you see green leaves grow on our beautiful white trees. And the light! For most of the year we live in the dark (when we sometimes can enjoy the fantastic northern lights!) but when the light comes, it comes f ...


Umeå eNews - Feb. 2019

Sensors, sensors, sensors !

The outdoor temperature has fallen below 20° and this demands an optimized and good indoor energy control to avoid consuming unnecessary amounts of energy. Within our “University energy modelling building” we just got 500 sensors installed, to be able to measure the building’s detailed energy use, its occupancy ...


Umeå eNews - October 2018

Channeling the flow of ideas

The temperature has started to drop below 0 in Umeå at nights, but we are keeping warm this busy autumn. We arranged the Civitas Forum in the beginning of September, which generated many new projects and contacts. We inaugurated the new hub for our e-buses and also the second bike-hub for our e-cargo bikes. A new 5G-testb ...


Umeå eNews - June 2018

Making the innovation accessible

The engagement and enthusiasm is high in Umeå´s innovation district. The solutions have reached the implementation phase and for us involved it is possible to understand how everything is connected and how each part depends on the others. The partners involved all have a joint vision of where we are heading, but how can we communicate and involve others in thi ...


Umeå eNews - Feb 2018

New business models in the University District

Our innovation area, the University district, is the largest workplace and commuter point in North Sweden. A busy and vibrant area in the daytime. But with a night population of only around 5% of the day population, the evenings have a completely different atmosphere. When the new housing and student flat areas are built and inhabited - the number of inha ...


Umeå eNews - October 2017

Celebrating the first visible result !

Next month we will celebrate the first year of the project and I am so happy that we can now begin to show physical results and start to inaugurate parts of our solutions. It is not that we haven’t been able to show results before, but most of them have been invisible to our citizens and people that are not directly involved in the project. To be honest, wh ...


Umeå eNews - June 2017

The University district: A lesson of cooperation

Our smart solutions are all at various stages of implementation, some are being installed while others are only at the planning stage. Isolated from each other, they all hold a high degree of complexity, but it is the connection between them that will make them truly smart. The same principle applies to our partnership. We have agreed that in order to ...