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Smart Solutions Expert Analysis to help follower city Brno become a city of the future

21 November 2017

The SIX research center will coordinate an expert analysis on smart solutions as part of the project RUGGEDISED as Brno is closely collaborating with the SIX research center on this project. The next step will be the development of an expert analysis evaluating the benefits and risks of particular technological solutions. As a result of this analysis, the city of Brno will know which solutions to apply in the future.

The findings of the analysis will summarize all 31 smart solutions - technological solutions that will help to build sustainable and ecological cities. The city of Brno will be able to decide which smart solutions can be implemented and which ones are compatible.

The city of Brno also wants to share their experience and knowledge with other cities and already reached out to some cities from the South Moravian region to help them become part of the project's City Interest Group. What does it mean for those cities? They’ll become part of RUGGEDISED project by joining an international shared platform with other project members.

“Sharing knowledge and information about possible innovational solutions with another cities from South Moravian region is the key to become a better and sustainable city and it would be difficult to achieve such an information” said Deputy Mayor, City of Brno Jaroslav Kacer. The analysis coordinated by SIX centrum will be provided to those cities as well.