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MUNISS Student contest in Brno

18 January 2018

International student contest MUNISS officially started on 18th of January in Brno’s Assembly Hall of the New City Hall. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno for Smart City Jaroslav Kacer, Deputy Mayor of Bratislava Ľudmila Farkašovská and the Chief Architect of the City of Bratislava Ingrid Konrad, Czech and Slovak students and representatives of universities.

Students from different fields, universities and cities meet to work on studies focusing on the development of Brno or Bratislava.

Selected topics in Brno are Kraví hora, Jižní centrum a Špitálka. Students are very interested in the area of Špitálka which is part of the district heating factory. This area is also part of international project RUGGEDISED. There is several reasons why Špitalka was chosen as one of the topic. One of them is to define a position of Locality manager who will take care of the area during the RUGGEDISED project. “Locality manager will communicate with owners, partners of the project and citizens to speed up the process of creating a smart city district.” says Jaroslav Kacer the Deputy Mayor of Brno. The output of MUNISS will also be foundations for international architectural competition which will create and urbanistic and architectural plan for this area.

Students will put together a plan for the chosen area in horizon of 5, 10 and 15 years in MUNISS. They will need to evaluate condition of the area now and what might affect it in the future. Bratislava’s topic is an area of Obchodní ulice in the city center. Students will work on their projects in an international teams until the end of May this year. After evaluation of contest entries, the winners will be announced in Bratislava.

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