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RUGGEDISED Kick-off in follower city Parma

23 October 2017

The city of Parma is a follower city in the RUGGEDISED project. It will follow closely the smart solutions developed in Rotterdam, Glasgow and Umeå over the next 4 years and carefully prepare for its own smart city implementation.

On 30 November 2017, the City of Parma will launch the participatory process.

RUGGEDISED will start in Parma with workshop presenting the project. The event will take place at WoPa - Workout Pasubio, a former industrial complex, promoted by the Municipality of Parma and the Order of Architects of Parma and converted into a socil-cultural center. This workshop represents the beginning of a participatory process that will be developed over the next few years (2017-2018) with semi-annual meetings, in order to work together with all the actors in a smart vision of the city.

The event will focus on the presentation of the local project, linked to the European project RUGGEDISED. It will be a round-table workshop with discussion of a variety of topics: energy and environment, transport and mobility, networks and infrastructures, society and people, economy and innovation.

All partners are committed to dedicate required resources and expertise to support the smart project and to define a common ground for a smart model for Parma city. They will also be asked to talk about their companies project and solution for a future vision of a smart city and to enable interoperability and easy integration via open interfaces. The event will conclude with the presentations of the different scenarios made by the groups.